Stay Away

It’s a sensation I think we all feel, but rarely ever take the time to put into words. It’s a combination of dread and excitement that flickers through our emotions like binary code, off and on, positive and negative. Sometimes one emotion flickers more proudly than the other, but they are always both there.

It’s the sensation you get when you are leaving for a vacation.

Something happens internally when we intentionally break our daily routine. There is always the accompanying list of negatives:

I’m not making money all this week, just spending it.

I am missing potential work.

Can we actually afford this?

No one else is on vacation right now, why am I?

Is this a good idea?

My flight will probably be a fiasco. I will lose my bags.

The list goes on and on, and I’m sure it’s different for some people, but the unofficial study of my observation would conclude that this is accurate for the majority, as inferred by the number of times I have heard folks say, “I shouldn’t be leaving right now, I’m just so busy.”

You probably should leave.

When we get “binary” in our thinking, it signals undue stress. More than a physical affliction, stress is a cancer of the mind. It inhabits us and allows all our creative and out-of-the box thinking to dissolve into thin air. We get focused on only two options, and usually not the best ones.

The opposing emotion when we exit our daily lives is excitement. It’s also deceiving, sometimes it can arouse expectations to an unmeetable level, but I feel fine commenting that it’s a mostly positive, counteracting, emotion.

Drifting toward the airport, maybe you begin to experience something profound. The imagination comes back with a fury. When we let the excitement carry us away from the trepidation, It rewards us with a kind of clarity that is crucial to living. Personally, I will have about 50 ideas for new work I want to incorporate into my business, I begin to dream of things beyond what I can see. It’s mouthwatering in the mind.

Stay Away.

When you are leaving, you need to be aware of your reality, that is a good thing, but you cannot waste the moment of “awayness” worrying about what’s back at home. Giving in to the fear only fulfills your own prophecy. You will feel like you missed work, or something important, and you will return more stressed than you left. Fear is it’s own punishment.

A dear friend has said, “What you look for you will find, and what you pay attention to will happen more.”

I believe that we must choose to focus on the AWAY when we are leaving, it’s essential to the investment we are making by traveling. All the money and time and energy need to be focused on something. Rest, inspiration, planning, dreaming, being. It’s highly paradoxical in that the more we depart our normalcy, the more benefit we regain from our time.

A key test is in the return. If you are bitter about coming back, you were probably too indulgent in your expectations or didn’t ever mentally depart. If you come back invigorated, focused, ready, then you did a good job leaving. It’s a skill built on a firm foundation of intentionality. A respect for the processes of your life.

So whether it’s just mental, or physical as well, get away, stay away.