We spend a lot of time being afraid of something that’s new to us, or different from our norms. This is a bad way to think when you are living life or starting a business. There are plenty of studies on the mal-effects of stress on our bodies, but to our creative and observant minds, its a death knell.

I bought the first winter jacket of my life.

I have lived south of the Mason Dixon Line since the day I was born, and just recently resettled in Portland, Maine. That’s a far cry from my traditional roots and weather patterns. I have never in my life required a winter jacket, and have made due with various layers and creative clothing mashups to keep warm during my few exposures to low temperatures.

I bought a Jacket.

A real, proven, well-suited jacket designed to keep me warm at temperatures all too new to me. Was it 8F or 3F last week? I can’t remember. People have empathized and condoled me every step of the way. “How will you make it up there, it’s so cold!” and “I would never ever live up there, the weather is terrible!” Let me say with absolute certainty that if I adhered to this brand of thinking while in the midst of this place, I would probably freeze as a result of my stubborn distaste for my current surroundings. Griping does nothing to keep us warm.

So I bought a Jacket.

I got out my wallet and made an investment in a crucial piece of equipment that would enhance a shift in my thinking. I went from, “I’m cold” to , “It’s cold and I’m warm, what is there to go discover?” Suddenly the array of a new outdoor landscape becomes something desirable and approachable. Frigid streams and frozen trails become exciting adventures and new places. You can begin to invade your own thinking with positive wonder, and that is better fuel for the soul than the stress of worry. The answer to, “How on earth are you going to be able to handle that weather?” was a simple piece of clothing and desire to discover.


No one really considers that viewed at a different season, something as understood as a beach can disclose a hidden beauty. The frigid and dangerous waves, frozen rocks and hard sand are powerful and gorgeous. No you don’t want to snap on a bikini and sit for hours, but you do want to stand there and gaze with wonder. Rather than using the beach, you get to observe it and appreciate it for something else. It pulls you to an outward view.

Things may actually be something different than what we use them for. They might be much, much more. I would submit that, in life, we have daily opportunities to climatize ourselves to our surroundings in certain ways. People always say you have the power to change your attitude to change your situation, and that’s very true. But I think that it’s ok to adjust your situation a bit too. Make assertive actions to set yourself up to observe better. Do what it takes to set yourself up for success in this. Buy the damn Jacket!

When launching a new business, there is a constant barrage of dissatisfaction. You want to do the best job you possibly can and steer your vision in the absolute best direction possible. But that’s not practical or even feasible. By being aware of our climate, we get a chance to observe it deeply from a variety of angles. Maybe we glean some understanding that would have been dismissed. By being very accurate in our vision of a situation, we can better prepare ourselves to serve the most acute needs. There is no better philosophy or method than to serve people where they most need help. This means you are adding real time value, something that never goes un-rewarded.

Acclimating to your environment does nothing to change who you are, I still love a nice hot summer Texas day, but it does give us a chance to see something new. It grows in us appreciation and a larger worldview. We gain perspective and insight into the things that surround us.

Who doesn’t want to be around someone like that?

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