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What story does your Brand tell?


Bolt-on brand marketing for owners who
would rather be running their business.


Passionate Owner

You love what you do


You started your business because you love what you do and you're good at it.
Some people appreciate your product or service, but you need more of those.

Many more.


But there's an enemy

- Distraction -


The process of marketing to grow your business is stressful.

Most "Branding Companies" may give you a logo and message, but then drop you off a distraction cliff when it comes to actually implementing. Trying to  pick up and market alone makes you inefficient and
frustrated. You aren't doing the part of the business you enjoy.
That place where you feel skilled and competent,
is getting crowded out.



We're here to show you the way.

We believe that authenticity is the best marketing.

And there's no better way to communicate with other human beings than through stories. They bring clarity to what you offer, they differentiate you in ways far more valuable than price or features, and they have the power to stick with someone for longer than we can imagine. 



The solution


Simple for you this is what we love to do


1. Listen

We begin by listening to you, to hear what the true story is. Then, we listen to your best customers to hear how they currently perceive your brand, and what they connect with.
Where these two overlap is where your story is hidden and your marketing begins.



2. Craft a Story

This is our "Special Sauce." We take what we hear from your best customers and work their language  into a narrative. We combine this with tailored images, focused words and idea structure to develop a story-driven brand message, aimed at the heart of the people who need to know you.



3. Tell it to the right people 

Now it's time to share it. We use only the necessary marketing tools to tell your story graphically, digitally, visually, verbally, etc. It's not a random move. Based on who we spoke to in the first step, we target your message directly to the right people.


The outcomes



No more "scatter-shooting" with marketing. You have something that will resonate with the people you actually want to work with. We know where they are and how they speak. Your brand just became your marketing, and your marketing cuts through the noise.

Distraction defeated, get back to what you love

It's time to keep true to your own story and keep working on the part that you love, your business. Make products, create services, keep your creative energy focused on the stuff that matters most to you. With this structure in place, you feed the story and engage people more and more.

Word of Mouth

Your best customers now have something very memorable to share. You have  trained them to talk about you, becoming your most powerful salesforce. They will self-select others to join them in patronizing you. Great customers always bring more great customers. That's focused marketing.

The determined devotion to extracting the passion behind our business “Story,” the expertise in walking us through each step of designing and launching our website was a truly existential experience.
— Chris Stewart, Inspire One
From an eye for design to speed of work, Pivotol is a top-notch executor. More than that though, they listen deeply, ask great questions and help bring what is in your head to life.
— Kurtis J. Kersey, Scaled Up Marketing
What I quickly discovered was that I had acquired a new team member, a thought partner with a unique balance of creativity and practicality, who helped me better understand how to properly tell the story, bringing to life the ethos of who we are and what we do.
— David Turpin, Momentum Camps
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Where is the story in your marketing?


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