Invest Differently

Highcrest Capital, Fredericksburg, Texas

There from the beginning, we were able to jump into Highcrest at its infancy and have a profound impact on shaping a clear, concise message around this alternative lending fund. Our goal was to contrast it in the face of bewildering and dull financial language, taking a more simplistic approach and standing boldy in opposition to tradition. Red is often an avoided color in investing, it can signify decline or losses, but we embraced the color, using it as a “flag” of challenge to the status quo. Mountain icons referenced this “explorer” mentality that pervaded the brand, a strong focus on thinking differently with new eyes toward undiscovered investing approaches. Highcrest truly was exploring the far reaches of the investing world and offering people the new world of investing differently.

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Highly Customized Web Experience
Every other investing company uses stock photography and city-scapes. We opted for personal, engaging video for our home-page and interior images shot onsite in Scandinavia. Wild exploration then contrasted with simple, graphical explanations of the investment offering. Rather than using verbose financial language, the site is filled with conversational writing and simplicity.

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A See, Read & Touch Brand
Bringing the bold colors out of the digital space and into the physical world involved thinking outside the box. We opted for extremely bright colors that will stand off the desk paired with bold brand language to capture the imagination. From cups to cards, everything spoke to the exploratory nature of the brand through the use of subtle mountain range graphics and shouted “Invest Differently” at every turn.

Gift Giving
We had to walk the talk. Rather than sending stereotypical gifts to our clients every year, we custom-packaged highly unique items then weave the story into the explanation. One year we gave every client a skillet from a company that epitomized the type of innovators we were lending capital to. It brought the investment to life, to home, to reality. The money became tangible, the investment became real.


Unique to It’s Core

From the office to the personable staff, everything about Highcrest had to be approachable and un-intimidating. Capturing this ethos and cascading it through the brand experience was vital to making the company stand out. People felt welcomed, even if they never planned on setting foot on-location.

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