The Team

{It takes an army}



Ben Rodgers

The Brand Shepherd for Pivotol. Ben has a proverbially diverse background in a variety of interesting businesses and industries. Rather than boring you to tears with a resume, let's just leave it at this: He really loves branding, marketing, stories and ideas. He wouldn't rather be doing anything else.

Kurt Kersey.jpg

Kurtis J. Kersey

A sales and digital marketing guru, formerly from the financial services industry, Kurt is a strategic thinker and “big picture” guy. His keen sense for the underlying narrative and swiss-army-knife of skills in writing, planning and deep strategy development have made him essential to the process. It was Kurt’s idea to simplify a lot of what we have read about stories in business into the Hero’s Journey model we use on many projects.

Chadwick Howe

Process Manager extraordinaire, we like to say Chad keeps the trains running on time. He has stepped into owning the internal systems we use to keep projects moving, and challenges us daily to keep pace on our commitments while forcing us to take time to implement opportunities for improvement. Chad can also help build these systems for our clients, giving them effective tools for implementing a brand inward, to the people who carry the torch daily.

Christian Collins of Pulley.jpg

Christian Collins

An avid learner and master of asking the right questions, Christian is a Designer, Web Developer, Strategist and Thinker. His other business is Pulley. He always has an excellent list of books on design and new ways of thinking, keeping the team relevant to the latest thoughts in our field.

Lara Bobo

Has a serious sense for graphic design. She has been doing it for years for an unimaginable variety of clientele. She has produced an impressive array of logos, printed pieces and really anything that can be beautiful. Her husband likes starting businesses, so they have a host of side-gigs at Boboworkshop.